Yachting and composite industry services

We offer technical services for yacht industry companies and composite processing companies:

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CNC models

The models are based on 3D model given by client. It can be edited, modified (e.g. by adding technological rims, radius). Depending on the needs the models are raw finished (only milled) or wax –finished.

Molds for composite products

We manufacture forms on the basis of the prepared model. Doing in we care for correctness of the following technological processes: gelcoat and skincoat layer application, and molding system of lamination, so that the mold becomes an effective tool generating profits.


The products are fully adjusted to customer needs: they are prototypes or in short series; using classic technology or vaccum infusion.


We design mechanical drive tourist and working boats, catamarans and houseboats. We undertake full range of activities – preliminary design being the starting point. We treat this stage seriously, conscious that customers today do not buy the yacht itself but the experience of sailing. Good design first sells then maintains customer’s excitement. We are honored to cooperate with an outstanding industry designer – Agnieszka Bona. The further step of technical project is done meticulously, caring about technological and economical side of future production. We support our customers in the process of certifying, we do stability analyses.

Among our clients are:

Galeon Sp. z o.o. Sp K, Sunreef Venture S.A., NORTHMAN Krzysztof Stępniak, GreenDreamBoats Sp. z o.o., Wave Catamarans Sp. z o.o., JPMarine Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Gdańska Stocznia Remontowa S.A., Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A., Fabryka Mebli Okrętowych FAMOS Sp. z o.o., Teekay Navion Offhore Loading PTE LTD, UMS Marbalco Sp. z o.o., IMS Griffin Sp. z o.o., UNI-Mebel Sp. z o.o., H-14 Sp. z o.o.




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